Saturday, April 3, 2010

An Eggcelent Idea

After the post on egg decorating, I (Tod), decided I should say a little bit about the incredible, edible egg.  Delicious? Yes.  Perfect for dyeing? You bettcha.  But we all need to be a little considerate of where our eggs come from.

If you are going to eat eggs this easter, we all know the cage-free and organic are a better option then the regular brand.  The organic/cage-free eggs are not fed the horrible food filled with hormones nor do they live in cramped cages with no room to move or light to see.  However, organic and free range doesn't mean cruelty free.  If you want to hear a funny, yet informative take on the not so happy image of the egg layers check out this clip from the Colbert Report with special guest Jonathan Safran (an adorable activist).

The best egg from the best hen will come from your local hens.  Go to your farmer's market.  Ask at your grocery store.  It may seem like a small deal, but where we put our money truly counts.  So find a happy hen and decorate a happy egg and have a happy easter!!!

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