Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gone for Now... Not Forever

Hello strangers.  Sorry for our long absence.  Copper and I are having exciting summers... Copper is back in London visiting her special someone and I am getting ready for my big move back in the next few weeks.  Because of our crazy summer lives we have neglected you and for that we are truly sorry.  But we do promise great things upon our return which will be here before you know it.  Until then... HAPPY SUMMER!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Thanks Mothers of the world for all you do!
Tod & Copper

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reading without Books?

So this is the inevitable post that was going to come up on a blog about a love of books and a love of going green... the Kindle/Nook revolution.  Our debate about this goes back and forth constantly.  Both of us love the good old fashioned page turner AND the new fangled light weight portable library.  To sort out our dialogue and hopefully to inspire some of you to chime in with your lovely opinions, we are going to do a little pro list for both options.  Please, feel free to comment with anything you feel we have missed on our list or which you prefer.  We would LOVE to hear from you!! 
Tod & Copper

PROS: Kindle/Nook
-light weight
-green, very green
-convenient to carry all your books with you in one place - carries up to 1,500 books!!
-great for the jet setter
-sleek style 
-you can style it up by buying your own designer cover
-not only can you get over 500,00 books but you can also get newspapers, magazines, and blogs
-3G wireless network links you up so you can buy new books in over 100 countries
-you can sync your device with all your other life altering technology (i.e. iPod, iPad, blackberry, etc.)

PROS: The Good, Old Fashioned Book
-tangible, page turner
-libraries! we love libraries! 
-if you like, you can mark, highlight, doodle, draw... whatever you want in them!
-book smell 
-without books, we would lose book stores and who doesn't love sitting in a book store
-when the books are no longer readable you can reuse it and make fun, creative, charming things out of them (thats what we are all about HERE)
-no matter how big the Kindle/Nook get, they will never have all the books... we love the obscure, random finds in the darkest corners of your bookstore
-authors can't sign your kindle 

Making Penny Wishes

Now this is an etsy shop to look at!! Penny Wishes creates all their art "with the hope to inspire and spread a little peace, love, and happiness :)" Who doesn't love that?!  All these images just brighten you day.  Below are my favorites... Which are your favorites?  What are your favorite quotes or sayings? 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Letter of the Day: C

(This image comes from Hans Holbein's Dance of Death Alphabet which was first used in August 1524.) 

Things we love that start with the letter C:

Chicago (the city and the band)
the can can
The Cardigans
Craig, Daniel (as in Bond, James)
calling cards
chemistry (between people)
Carl Jung
crickets chirping 
clocks (see here)
can-do attitudes 

The Color Purple
A Cup of Tea
The Count of Monte Christo

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day

Since Mother's Day is quickly approaching and because I love my mother I have decided to look into a really cute card for her.  She LOVES a good hand written note so its kind of important to get just the right one.  So, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce our contenders (all are from etsy btw)...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pillow Talk

I honestly thought of this post because I liked the idea of the title Pillow Talk.  But as I got to searching for cute pillows online I was overwhelmed by all the great options!  If you are going to rest your head on something why not choose one of these adorable decorative pillows!  These are all different styles and all different price ranges so there is something for everyone. Which are your favorites?? Do you know of any other charming options to rest you head on?  

Etsy Love: emmakisstina

Looking for some simple, girly, inexpensive decor?  Well, we just fell in love with emmakisstina on etsy.  She does prints of original ink drawings of jewelry, bags, perfume and much much more.

I don't know if its because she sells images of all our favorite items, but she has drawn us in as one of our favorite esty sellers.  The best part?  They are super affordable!  From $12 to $24 you could fill a room with these lovely images and bask in the beauty of being a girl!!  I think I need the Miss Dior Cherie perfume image desperately.  Which do you wear?  Which are your favorites?
(via the neo-traditionalist)

Hello Again

Hi everyone!! Its Tod here.  Sorry for the hiatus... my fantastically wonderful boyfriend was in from London for the week and I wanted to spend as much time with him as I could.  Plus, I hit a hard core blogging wall.  But it is good to be back!! 

Here are some things that have happened since we have been gone...
-Copper and I are together for a bibliochic fest for the next 10 days!! We are so thrilled to spend our time together and working on the blog and our etsy store.  We love this so much and we are excited to dedicate a whole week and a half to nothing but being bibliochic!
-Our etsy store is doing great!  If you haven't checked out the shop already please do! We love having new visitors. 
-Bethany is the lucky winner for our giveaway at Classy Covet.  CONGRATS BETHANY! She is receiving our beautiful bright blue book clock.  Go and take a look at it here
-Green is Sexy included us in a post about etsy products that are fab for reduce, reuse and recycle.  We were featured as the reuse!! We were so grateful for their support and for all they do to show us that green really is sexy. 
-We are tweeting like no other. 
-New products to be listed this week!!

I hope you will stay tuned for all the exciting things we have coming up! We can't wait to share them with you.  

Happy Monday!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Green is Sexy

Hi friends, this is Copper filling in for Tod!  She asks your forgiveness for being MIA this past week.  A special someone has flown across the ocean to be with her so they are enjoying every moment they can.  So sorry about our little hiatus, we are now back up and will be blogging regularly.  And, what exciting news to blog about!  Our etsy shop was spotlighted today by one of our favorite blogs! is an amazing blog where you can read about all kinds of tips on being green and finding green products.  They think that the small changes each person can make will have a big impact.  Being green (and sexy) ourselves, we just can't get enough.  Today they did a piece on etsy stores that reduce, reuse, or recycle and our store was picked for reuse!  We are so ecstatic and can't believe it!  Go check it out for yourself here and rememeber, being green really is sexy!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hitting a Wall

I'm stealing this from our darling friend over at From The Grey Wall.  Apparently the desire to head bang is going around.  I kinda feel like I have hit a wall with blogging.  I want to write interesting things that you guys like, but I'm not sure if I am doing the job justice.  

I think I am going to take today off and come back tomorrow with some great ideas for you for the weekend.  

Happy Thursday everyone!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dream Library

Every once in a while you run across a place that simply enchants you.  This is one of those places for me....

This home in Brussels was constructed out of an old mirror factory.  What a beautiful idea!! My favorite part is this library.  The colors are so beautifully muted and calming. Its one of those spaces that just look like home. All it needs is a big comfy chair and I could officially move in.  What do you guys think?  What does your dream library look like?

via here

A Softer World: 549

We don't endorse book burning, but we thought this was funny anyway... 

(click to enlarge)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blog Lovin'

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Bibliochic Giveaway!!

We have our first giveaway ever!!  We are offering up the bright blue book clock that is also listed on our etsy.  The clock comes with batteries included and is made from A Book of Love Poetry.  Entering is easy and lets be honest, it free! Go and check out the rules and how to enter at Classy Covet (here).  You have till midnight on April 30th and there are 3 different ways to enter so hurry and don't miss you chance to win.  Good luck everyone!!!
Tod and Copper

  Here are some pictures of what the lucky winner will receive!  

Monday, April 19, 2010

Silver Fox

After seeing these shoes on Olivia Palermo (via The Neo Traditionalist) I have rekindled my love with silver shoes.  

Which are your favorites??

silver converse (here)

silver oxfords (here)

silver loafer (here)

Books of Beauty

I don't know if you have seen these books from Anthropologie yet, but even if they are old hat I think it is hard to deny how stunning they look! What a great addition to any library! I think I am going to get rid of all my old paper back high school copies of these classics and replace them with these.  I think judging a book by its cover can lead you to miss out on some amazing adventures, but if a cover looks great it make the book that much better!! These books are covered in fabric and embossed with a variety of darling little designs.  Check some of our favorites out here...

Alice in Wonderland

The Odyssey

Great Expectations

Wuthering Heights

I would love to have some F. Scott Fitzgerald look this handsome.  And I am sure Copper would love to have her Russian classics in a covers like these.  What other books do you want to be adorned with these beautiful covers? 

Hope your Monday is happy!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dear Iceland,

I am a little worried.  You see all this ash in the sky is kinda bad for my relationship.  If you could please stop spewing volcanic ash into the air and allow my boyfriend to fly to America on Friday at 10:55 am that would be great.  I would love you forever and send you cookies to prove it.

Your Friend Forever,

Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday!

Lets kick this weekend off with a quote, shall we?

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” -Cicero

Real Gabinete Portugues De Leitura Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 

Here's to a lovely weekend surrounded by lovely books! We will be around this weekend so come back and stay tuned. 

Tote-ally Green

Well my very chic and green guys and gals, I bet you know that Earth Day is right around the corner... do you have any plans to celebrate?? Bloomingdales does!  To celebrate Earth Day they are letting YOU design your own reusable tote bags.  A pannel of wonderful, stylish, green fashion experts will choose a winner whose bag will be produced by the oh so fabulous Rebecca Minkoff and sold exclusively through  The winner, in addition to being a bag designer, will win a $2,000 gift certificate to Bloomingdales.  The runner up (determined by the bag with the most votes) will win a $1,000 gift certificate. So spread the word to your friends and be sure to tell them to vote for your bag!

Here are some of the top contenders (according to votes) so far... Which is your favorite??

An added bonus? Every day there is a winner of a $50 gift certificate! So be sure to check out this great opportunity to celebrate and participate in Earth Day and have the chance to become a designer for Bloomingdales.  Good luck!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bored of Headboards?

I saw these headboard from Blik on another blog recently (I can't for the life of me remember which one) and I fell in love.  
This one above is probably my favorite.  I love how simple and classic it looks.  And one of the great things about them is that they come in quite a few different colors so they can go with almost any decor.  I simply adore the kiwi and raspberry colors!  What colors do you like?  They also have a lot of different designs... like these... 

What do you guys think about them?  I know they are a litte unconventional, but for me that is part of their charm.  Even if the headboard idea is a little too original for you go and check out their website.  They have loads of different wall decals that are simply to die for. 


Whats In Your Queue?

As I was doing my rounds in the blog world today I ran across this cute idea on Black*Eiffel to list what movies are on your "to see list".  I simply ADORE movies.  There is nothing better than curling up at night with a great rental and a big bowl of popcorn... 

So I am going to put the top 5 movies I am excited to bring home next.  I also would love to hear what you think.  Any thoughts/recommendations/suggestions?  Anything that you are just dying to see? 

My mother was a ballerina and so its ingrained in me to want to watch movies about the subject.  The Kirov produces particularly brilliant dancers so this should be a fascinating watch.  Might make a good mother/daughter movie night. 

I saw this movie 3 times in theaters and have rented it at least twice already.  All I can do to defend my behavior is talk about how amazing this movie is.  Seriously, one of the best movies I have seen in years.  She looks stunning and the costuming and set design is mouth watering.  Add in a fabulous script and you a recipe for a hit. 

I never saw this movie, but I have heard nothing but good things about it.  The storyline seems really genuine and the cast is pretty impressive.  This is one I could your opinion on... 
This documentary seems fascinating.  The green girl in me loves the concept: leaving your high consumption live on 5th Ave and attempting to live an entire year with no net environmental impact.  What an inspiring challenge!!

A classic.  This movie has so much to offer... Mia Farrow, Robert Redford, 1920s style, one of the best stories ever written... you get the point.  Like most avid readers, a lot of books that are made into movies disappoint me, but this is one of those rare and very rewarding exceptions.  It is simple divine. 


Sorry for my lack of blogging and tweeting yesterday guys! I missed you guys!!  I was busy running around and working on some things for the etsy shop.  We (Copper and I) are really excited about our new products coming out and we would really appreciate it if you would go and take a gander at our little etsy shop.  Hope you enjoy!!

More blogging to come today! I promise I will make up for what I missed yesterday.

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