Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reading without Books?

So this is the inevitable post that was going to come up on a blog about a love of books and a love of going green... the Kindle/Nook revolution.  Our debate about this goes back and forth constantly.  Both of us love the good old fashioned page turner AND the new fangled light weight portable library.  To sort out our dialogue and hopefully to inspire some of you to chime in with your lovely opinions, we are going to do a little pro list for both options.  Please, feel free to comment with anything you feel we have missed on our list or which you prefer.  We would LOVE to hear from you!! 
Tod & Copper

PROS: Kindle/Nook
-light weight
-green, very green
-convenient to carry all your books with you in one place - carries up to 1,500 books!!
-great for the jet setter
-sleek style 
-you can style it up by buying your own designer cover
-not only can you get over 500,00 books but you can also get newspapers, magazines, and blogs
-3G wireless network links you up so you can buy new books in over 100 countries
-you can sync your device with all your other life altering technology (i.e. iPod, iPad, blackberry, etc.)

PROS: The Good, Old Fashioned Book
-tangible, page turner
-libraries! we love libraries! 
-if you like, you can mark, highlight, doodle, draw... whatever you want in them!
-book smell 
-without books, we would lose book stores and who doesn't love sitting in a book store
-when the books are no longer readable you can reuse it and make fun, creative, charming things out of them (thats what we are all about HERE)
-no matter how big the Kindle/Nook get, they will never have all the books... we love the obscure, random finds in the darkest corners of your bookstore
-authors can't sign your kindle 


  1. I was waiting for this post!!
    This debate runs in my head for the last year or so.
    As expats who moved to a new country and couldn't bring our books along, I thank kindle almost every day for existing.
    I miss my books though. There is nothing like the smell of a new book or an old book that lives with you forever, still my kindle make my life very comfortable, light weight and, yeah, paperless green.

  2. "Author can't sign your kindle." Love that. I can't really say one way or the other because I've never actually used a Kindle... I know I'm behind the times, but the idea of reading a book on a computer-like screen irks me a bit still. I suppose I'll just have to give it a shot and find out.

    XX katie

  3. I'm usually the last person to get into any kind of new technology (I still don't have an iPod!) and love all things old-fashioned. However, I'm also a huge fan of all things eco-friendly. Let's face it, even if book printers use sustainable paper, there's still a lot of energy and wastage involved. So, for that reason, I really want a Kindle! I'm sure it won't truly replace books though, because I can also understand the little joys that people associate with holding a book in their hands.

  4. thanks for the input gals!!

    galit- the kindle is perfect for that big move!! book are just so heavy to transport. but i can understand you missing them. there is such an attachment to books.

    katie- you should invest in one. they really are quite amazing. it will help with the big move you have coming up!

    anna- you are right! the kindle is totally eco-friendly. its really quite the little invention. and we agree... no matter what... books won't go away. thank goodness!


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