Saturday, May 1, 2010

Green is Sexy

Hi friends, this is Copper filling in for Tod!  She asks your forgiveness for being MIA this past week.  A special someone has flown across the ocean to be with her so they are enjoying every moment they can.  So sorry about our little hiatus, we are now back up and will be blogging regularly.  And, what exciting news to blog about!  Our etsy shop was spotlighted today by one of our favorite blogs! is an amazing blog where you can read about all kinds of tips on being green and finding green products.  They think that the small changes each person can make will have a big impact.  Being green (and sexy) ourselves, we just can't get enough.  Today they did a piece on etsy stores that reduce, reuse, or recycle and our store was picked for reuse!  We are so ecstatic and can't believe it!  Go check it out for yourself here and rememeber, being green really is sexy!


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