Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

So I am preparing to make a move back to London in the summer and I have been thinking a lot about public transportation.  During the summer the buses are smelly and the tube is stuffy and transportation, no matter what the season, is a crowded nightmare.  In an attempt to save money and go a little more green I am considering investing in a bicycle.  But that leads me to my main problem... I know nothing about bikes.  

I'll tell you what I do know....
-The last time I seriously used one as a mode of transportation I was 13
-I want one with a basket on the front
-It will save me money and take me one step further away from the sweaty tourists
-If its good enough for Audrey, its good enough for me
(You can buy this as a print here)

So what is a girl to do?  I am going to do some research on bicycles and then see if I can even muster the courage to take it out onto the roads.  That is probably the scariest part.  London drivers are maniacs.  I guess if worst comes to worst I can simply look glamorous leisurely riding a darling bike around some safe, driver free park.

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  1. getting a bike sounds like a great idea. Always good to go green :) I'm the same though, I'm a bit scared of riding a bike on the roads. But riding it around the park would be fun!


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