Sunday, March 28, 2010

Letter of the Day

So we are starting a new tradition here at the Bibliochic Blog.  We are going to start to do a letter of the day blog.  Randomly, Copper and I are going to compile a list of things and books that we love that start with a particular letter to help you get to know us better and for general entertainment value.  In order to keep things organized and avoid repeating things we decided to go in alphabetical order so....

The Letter of the Day is

(This image comes from Hans Holbein's Dance of Death Alphabet which was first used in August 1524.) 

Here are some things we love that start with the letter A:
- Apples
- Anarchists
- Amy Adams
- Alaska
- Androgyny 
- Accountability
- Andrew (a certain one)
- Acrobats
- Aardvarks 
- Academics
- Aesthetics
- Across the Universe
- Alexander Supertramp
- Amelie 
- Adam and Eve
- Adventures
- Affection
- Autumn
- Argyle 
- April (Copper's birth month)
- Art

Good Books That Start with A
As You Like It
Agatha Christie

1 comment:

  1. Ohhhh such fun! Argyle, Amelie and Aardvarks, quite the combination!
    XO katie


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